About me

Craig is a fully trained Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist based in the heart of Purbeck, Dorset.

Born in Swindon, he qualified with an honours degree in Education from Roehampton University. He worked within the IT sector for many years, eventually taking him down to Dorset where he settled with his family, dogs, cats and fish.  With a natural curiosity for how the mind works and a basic want to help others, it eventually led him to study Hypnotherapy in Guildford.

He first became interested in Holistic therapies during his childhood, during which time he suffered from repeated stress related ailments (unknown to him at the time) that impacted his confidence and life quality. During this period he sought out alternative ways to address the root cause of these issues. It took many years before he saw that this could also be a way to help others suffering in a similar way.

After helping a friend during a troubled period in their life, it was suggested to him that his strengths could lie in therapy, due to his relaxed, thoughtful and listening nature. After hours of investigation and experience it became apparent to him that the mind was responsible for so many common problems that are experienced in the body.

Craig the Qualified Hypnotherapist

After ten months of study at the highly renowned Clifton Practice, Craig gained his HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma). The HPD is widely regarded as the Gold Standard in Hypnotherapy, and it is highly recommended that when you seek out a hypnotherapist you ask to see evidence that they have this qualification.

Since the commencement of his training journey at the Clifton Practice, Craig has gone on to work as a fully qualified Dorset Hypnotherapy Specialist and continues to better the lives of his clients everyday.