New to Hypnotherapy – A Useful Guide

What can I expect from my first Hypnotherapy session ?

Hypnotherapy is used to help individuals cope with a variety of issues. These can range from general stress to phobias, self esteem issues, depression, reaching your goals and many more.

If you have never experienced a hypnotherapy session, it is quite normal to have questions as to what it is and how it can best work for you.

The following gives a step by step guide as to the experience and how you can prepare for your first session.

  1. First of all have a good idea of what it is you are seeking to resolve. You may have been referred by a medical practitioner or sought out someone based on a word of mouth reference. Try to be as specific as you can regarding what you are seeking to rectify in your life. A good hypnotherapist will guide you through this process, without judgement, and will look to work with you in partnership, throughout the treatment.
  2. Choosing a Provider –  It’s important to choose the right provider of Hypnotherapy, so make sure you research the individual thoroughly. Check for qualifications and in particular look for the Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma (HPD) which is the gold standard of qualification in this field of work. You can check to see if they are affiliated with other directories such as the Hypnotherapy Directory. You can find most of this information online, checking for references and experience.
  3. Book an Initial Consultation  – Most providers offer an initial consultation, often this is free of charge with no obligation. Here you can assess whether the individual is someone you can work with and feel relaxed enough with to get the best out of the Hypnotherapy sessions. Here you can ask any questions you have about the process, how long it might take, how many sessions etc.
  4. Try to be Open minded – It is important to enter your first hypnotherapy session with healthy expectations. Hypnotherapy relies on the power of suggestion to assist the subconscious mind in re-evaluating a situation, so the more relaxed and comfortable you can feel in following along with the verbal suggestions the more productive the sessions will be. Remember no one can make a verbal suggestion that you wouldn’t ordinarily accept. In this way all Hypnotherapy is ‘Self Hypnotherapy’.
  5. Keep your expectations realistic. In most cases it requires several sessions to achieve your desired outcome, so re-evaluate your expectations as you go. It is vitally important that you work closely together with your hypnotherapist and see the work you do as a collective experience, this way you can improve your chances of ultimate success.
  6. It is also important to remember that you are in control of the number of sessions you need. Only you can fully assess when you have reached the outcomes that you set out to achieve and agreed. You can discuss these expectations and feelings with your Hypnotherapy Practitioner at the start and as you progress. Make the most of your first session – So now if you are preparing for your first session, try to remember to relax. The key thing to remember here is the Hypnotherapy is used as a mean to heal. It has been used successfully for thousands of years. The more open-minded and at ease with it the better for your chances of success.
  7. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will look at some of the background as to why you are experiencing your problems, but the bulk of work is done together, looking to find solutions to problems and not dwelling on the problems themselves. The sessions build you progressively towards achieving your goals, but each individual session starts with a blank page, so you can change and grow as you feel yourself progressing.
  8. Remember to find the right provider for you and take the opportunity to book an initial consultation to assess whether you’re able to build a rapport with your practitioner and to ask any key questions that you may have.

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