New year resolutions and the power of positivity

Now that we have entered a new year in the light of the difficulties, we have all experienced over the course of the last year, so much hope is being placed on the importance of our health, personal relationships and mental health. This of course is the time we often re-evaluate our lives and challenge ourselves to be different and take a different course in the new year to the one that went before. It is an opportunity to wipe the slate lean and start again.

We draft our list, sometimes it’s a long list of hopes, and sometimes we come up with just one wish, be it giving up alcohol, start a fitness regime, making time to see more friends. At the core of all these new resolutions that we draft up, is the inner wish to want to make things different and better for ourselves. But for so many these resolutions last a few days, weeks if we are lucky. The trouble is we intellectually want the change, but often we don’t have the true desire to see it through.  This is the point where thinking in a positive way can make a world of difference to our success or failure in our pursuit of change.

If we look at why positive thinking is so important to everything we do, first we must understand the mind body connection.  If I were to describe to you a vivid description, while your eyes are closed, of holding a lemon, and getting you to imagine I that you were cutting up the lemon and putting a fresh slice into your mouth, and squeeze some lemon juice onto your tongue. I would be surprised if you didn’t find that your mouth would start to water even though the reality is that there is no lemon in sight. This because the primitive mind doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. What you tell your mind it starts to believe, and it has the ability and to trigger the chemical reactions it needs to ensure it is prepared to taste the sour lemon. The same is true for stress, or negative thinking. If we tell ourselves constantly things will go wrong or if we give our mind a reason for something to go wrong, the mind will look for ways to ensure that it will.

So, how does this relate to our resolutions? It’s quite simple, we need to not only tell our minds what we want, but we need to be positive that we will succeed.  if we tell our mind we are committed to the change we want to see, and really imagine this deeply with as much detail as possible, we can build and grow the desire to see out this change. The more we re-enforce what we want and infuse it with positivity we tell the part of our mind that runs the old negative patterns that hold us back that our new path is our what we truly desire. We literally grow new cells in our brain that wire a new pattern. The more we stick with the pattern with desire determination and positivity, the more likely the change will stick for the long term.

As a hypnotherapist, my role is to support the conscious will of the intellectual mind to convince the subconscious mind that any change is worth making. Trance simply stops opens up the barrier that prevents an alliance between the two and facilitates a strengthening of will to take the direction that the intellectual mind wants, reprogramming negative beliefs that are held at a subconscious level and creating new positive beliefs that represents the solutions you want to see.

Whether you have stuck with your resolutions, or you are needing help, I hope positivity can be the key to your overall success.

Best Wishes.